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The Words of Leadership: Gratitude

[Lorenzo Conti] · 112 words · 1 min read · Jan 1, 2024

Do you know how powerful gratitude is?

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The Words of Leadership: Tension

[Lorenzo Conti] · 923 words · 5 min read · Dec 4, 2023

Leadership is art and science, perhaps more art than science... Many years ago, I watched an interview on TV with the lead guitarist of a famous Italian rock band. One of the questions was, 'What is your definition of Rock?'. I still remember his answer.

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The Words of Leadership: Clarity

[Lorenzo Conti] · 320 words · 2 min read · Nov 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of leadership, one thing is certain: uncertainty. We all seek reassurance, especially in ambiguous times, but as leaders, providing the definite certainty everyone desires can be challenging.

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A new framework to navigate the nature of work organization?

[Lorenzo Conti] · 224 words · 2 min read · Nov 28, 2023

In every company, it's possible to see individuals contributing in three types of work: Produce, Organize, and Publish.

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Chapter 5: You have the power to choose

[Lorenzo Conti] · 672 words · 4 min read · Nov 8, 2023

When we shift our perspective on failure as a means for learning, growth, and innovation, it contains the seeds of future success. Do you have the right tools and support to manage this shift? How do you respond to any situation, stressful event, or failure?

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Chapter 4: If you win today, will you win tomorrow?

[Lorenzo Conti] · 242 words · 2 min read · Nov 7, 2023

We emphasize the importance of learning from failures. How about successes? Learning from success comes with its unique challenges and is equally important!

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Chapter 3: When failure is the only option

[Lorenzo Conti] · 579 words · 3 min read · Nov 3, 2023

Growth happens when we gather the courage to attempt things we’ve never tried and engage in actions we’ve never done.

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[ Featured ] Leadership Boot - Let's connect on Thursday, Nov 30 !

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 177 words · 1 min read · Nov 1, 2023

Leadership Boot Community first LinkedIn live event. Let's show up and connect!

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Chapter 2: The privilege of failure

[Lorenzo Conti] · 359 words · 2 min read · Oct 27, 2023

Failure - it's a reality. It's risky. It's often frustrating.

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Chapter 1: The mantra of success

[Lorenzo Conti] · 315 words · 2 min read · Oct 23, 2023

This quote seems to describe the perfect mantra to achieve success, and you won't believe how simple it is.

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Give and Take

[Jorge Valdenegro] · 124 words · 1 min read · Oct 20, 2023

Gosh, why didn’t I consider this before?

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Do you have the Courage to deal with office politics?

[Jorge Valdenegro] · 909 words · 5 min read · Oct 18, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation similar to Don Quixote battling windmills? Office politics are a common workplace challenge that can often be overwhelming and unsustainable. What does courage have to do with it?

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Are you more brave or courageous?

[Lorenzo Conti] · 175 words · 1 min read · Oct 13, 2023

When I decided to move my whole life and family to Berlin, some people told me I was crazy, some told me I was courageous, and some said I was brave.

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My framework for One-on-One Meetings

[Lorenzo Conti] · 838 words · 4 min read · Oct 1, 2023

In the dynamic world of leadership and team management, effective communication is the backbone of success. One of the most powerful tools at the disposal of managers and team members alike is the one-on-one meeting.

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The Words of Leadership: Feedback (Part 2 - How to receive)

[Lorenzo Conti] · 930 words · 5 min read · Sep 27, 2023

In this second article about feedback, we will focus on our fear of feedback, how to receive feedback, and, last but not least, we will disclose the rule number zero of feedback.

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The Words of Leadership: Feedback (Part 1 - How to give)

[Lorenzo Conti] · 1381 words · 7 min read · Sep 18, 2023

Feedback is an essential tool in leadership, with the power to transform individual performance, team dynamics, and overall organizational success. In this first article, we will delve into its etymology, explore the motivation behind it, discuss a practical method for giving feedback, and provide some examples.

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Discover your leadership style

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 346 words · 2 min read · Sep 11, 2023

Daniel Goleman’s research, which studied 3.871 executives, has identified six leadership styles stemming from distinct aspects of Emotional Intelligence. Evaluate your leadership style by using the free questionnaire you can find on our website

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The Brutal Truth about Leadership

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 760 words · 4 min read · Sep 4, 2023

Leadership, in its essence, is the ability to influence others towards a common goal or purpose. It's a concept that permeates every aspect of human interaction, from the workplace to our personal lives.

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Is Generation X dead?

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 356 words · 2 min read · Aug 28, 2023

Or is it still the ultimate bridge to conscious leadership through coaching?

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What is Coaching ? (and what is not)

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 794 words · 4 min read · Aug 22, 2023

Coaching is about helping someone achieve their goals. Let's understand what it means and how coaching differs from other helping modalities.

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Announcement: Introducing Leadership Boot!

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 191 words · 1 min read · Aug 18, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the creation of Leadership Boot!