Chapter 2: The privilege of failure

Failure - it's a reality. It's risky. It's often frustrating.

[Lorenzo Conti] · 357 words · 2 min read · Oct 27, 2023
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Failure. Let’s get back to the origin of the word:

  • The word “failure” has its roots in Old French and Latin. Initially, it meant “to be unsuccessful” and comes from the Old French term “falir,” which is linked to the Latin word “fallere.”
  • In Latin, “fallere” originally meant “to trip,” but it evolved to convey figurative notions like “deceive.” This transformation from “to stumble” to “deceive” is a metaphorical shift.
  • Over time, “failure” took on various meanings, including falling short in expectations or performance, running out of supplies, losing vigor, and breaking down.

Not very exciting, is it?
What does all of this mean?

Failure - it’s a reality. It’s risky. It’s often frustrating.

But in a world filled with quotes urging us to “Quit your job and follow your passion!” is that really that simple? I feel worthless not having done that yet!

The idea of pursuing one’s dreams and passions is often depicted as a straightforward path to success. However, the reality is more complex.

Our fear of making mistakes is rooted in the belief that success is an absolute necessity. This is why we constantly remind ourselves that we can’t afford to make mistakes when making decisions. We rely on the best information and understanding available to us at that moment, and the true impact and evaluation of these choices often only become clear in retrospect as we observe the development of events and their ultimate results.

Not everyone has the privilege of taking significant risks in their pursuits.

Is failure really a privilege on the path to success?

What if there is a way to reframe the concept of failure to bring new and different perspectives?

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