Is Generation X dead?

Or is it still the ultimate bridge to conscious leadership through coaching?

[Jorge Valdenegro, Lorenzo Conti] · 354 words · 2 min read · Aug 28, 2023
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Is Generation X dead?

Or is it still the ultimate bridge to conscious leadership through coaching?

Major changes are taking place in various industries across the globe. Because of this, the way leadership operates is also changing, leading to new challenges that affect leaders of different generations.

Generations by Years

  • Generation Z: 1997-1999
  • Millennials: 1982-1996
  • Generation X: 1965-1981
  • Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
  • Greatest/Silent: Generations 1945 and earlier

According to the International Coaching Federation 2020 Global Coaching Study, 61% of managers and leaders who use coaching skills belong to Generation X.

How can we make the most of that opportunity?

Let’s value what each generation contributes and open our arms to diverse ideas and approaches, coming together across ages to make things even better:

  • Generation X’s coaching skills,
  • Millennials’ innovation, and
  • Baby Boomers’ wisdom make the difference

In our journey to navigate through constant changes, coaching becomes a powerful force that brings us all closer, crossing generational boundaries.

Generation X’s coaching experiences will be the bridge, letting them share their valuable discoveries with both Millennials and Baby Boomers.
Through coaching, Baby Boomers’ insights can be passed on to younger generations, helping them navigate challenges with additional wisdom. At the same time, Millennials’ innovative thinking will bring new perspectives to coaching, enhancing it with modern approaches and technology.

By using coaching to facilitate collaboration between generations, we not only leverage each generation’s strengths but also create an environment for continuous learning and growth for all, as growth and learning never ends.
This will become a mindset for all current and future generations of leaders, including Generation Z, as well as for the generations facing out of the business world leaving a conscious leadership legacy of wisdom and values.
As we combine various skills, let’s think:

How can the combined coaching efforts unleash potential and shape a generational-benefiting future, while thriving through conscious leadership?

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