Energy for Leaders

Speak the language of energy, identify and shift your inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to better equip you, your team and organization to achieve success.

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Executives, Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, HR Managers, HR Directors, Team Leaders, People Managers.


The training will give you a holistic overview on the importance of energy in our life and especially for leaders that are or will run teams and or organizations. You will receive theoretical knowledge and more importantly practical input and the opportunity to put your abilities to the test in a safe environment.
You will learn how to speak the language of energy, to identify and shift inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to better equip you, your team and organization to achieve success.
Our body’s metabolism involves two main processes that help free and capture energy:

  • Catabolism is the body’s responsive mechanism to generate energy as a defense against stressors. When faced with challenges, the body taps into its internal energy reserves, drawing upon them to create the necessary vitality. This catabolic energy is characterized by a draining, contracting, and resilient nature, aimed at countering the pressures at hand.
  • Anabolism embodies a contrasting force. It represents the body’s growth and self-nurturing process. Through anabolism, the body employs a constructive and expansive energy, akin to a fuel that not only facilitates growth but also rejuvenates and sustains over time.

Leaders who can recognize and manage both types of energy will have better insight into why and how certain conversations and interactions unfold the way they do.
By gaining a deeper understanding of the different types of energy, leaders will be in a better position to engage from a more informed place. This new level of insight will help leaders connect more meaningfully with coworkers, employees, patients, prospects or clients, and improve their workplace conversations, collaborations, and results.


Module 1: Leadership and Performance
You will learn what leadership means, entails, and contains as well as get an understanding of what conscious and effective leadership looks like. Get a deeper understanding of the human factor in business.

  • What is leadership?
  • What creates performance?

Module 2: Energy in Leadership
Learn to identify the various human energetic factors that influences everyone in your team and or organization. Start not only reading the energy in others but to manage the energy as well.

  • What is energy? Catabolic and Anabolic Energy.
  • Energy levels: understanding and recognizing the different types of energy.
  • How energy explains why people react or respond the way they do.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence
Our emotional world determines how we perceive the world around us. You will enhance your self-awareness and the capability to manage yourself and others. Furthermore, you will understand the role of hormones in leadership.

  • Emotional Intelligence and energy levels.
  • Identifying personal emotions or triggers.

Module 4: Choose your Response
After learning to read your own energy and those of others, you will learn to consciously choose how you want to show up and response with purpose in any given situation.

  • Energy influencers.
  • Energy and Leadership.
  • Consciousness.


  • DURATION: 8 hours (4 modules, 2 hours each).
  • MODALITY: Online-Live.
  • PACE: Instructor-led.
  • PARTICIPANTS: max 16.
  • LANGUAGE: English.

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