Armine, Business Partner Controlling

  • I am so grateful for the work I was able to achieve with Jorge as my coach ! He truly helped me to stop judging my self and focus more on positive parts of my life. If you are looking for someone who can push you to be your best look no further than Jorge. He is great person to work with and I highly recommended his service to anyone who is looking to strengthen themselves both personally and professionally.

Carlos, Manager Sustainability

  • I appreciate the support provided by Jorge in the coaching session which helped me to identify aspects that were not really visible and thus, create an action plan to solve a particular situation. The session took place on time, with respect and with a clear explanation of the process and scope of coaching. I highly recommend this type of dynamics for anyone regardless of their hierarchical situation.

Cheng, Strategic Project Management

  • The coaching was very useful and inspiring. Jorge focused not only on solutions also on a fundamental mindset. He created a positive atmosphere, which encouraged me to show all my thoughts. He listened actively and guided me to dive into the topics with very constructive questions. At the end, he helped me to transfer take-away to a tangible action that I could take immediately. So I could apply those take-away promptly and easily, which made real positive impacts on my daily life.

Alvaro, Lead Business Partner Controller

  • Excellent! Jorge is a great Coach and leader with enormous knowledge and skills that helped me to improve my own leadership capabilities and career development.

Alexey, Lead Business Partner Controller

  • Jorge is master of coaching, with highly developed skill of building up and motivating organization, which he is leading, for professional growth. Principled in making and defending his decisions. Highly experienced in corporate finance, controlling and legal functions in multinational companies. Manager, who is focused on creating trustful and open atmosphere in his team. Cultural awareness and respectful attitude are contributing to Jorge’s excellent communication skills.